I-SWIT was established as a perfume brand and registered under Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (SSM) since August 2023. It is one of sub-brand under Alphastrats Holding Sdn Bhd in Setia Alam, Shah Alam and has been produce in Malaysia.

Our brand produces fragrances from home living to personal care. The company formed with nature business selling original perfume online with premium signature at affordable prices. At I-SWIT, we developd a genuine passion for delighting customers the experts perfume knowledge and highest customer service standards thus maintaining perfume quality.

Throughout the operations of our business, we produces various range of perfumes such as ISWIT Fibrewick Air Freshener, ISWIT EDP Perfume, ISWIT Car Perfume, ISWIT Fabric Perfume and Wangian Sunnah ISWIT.


We eager to lead industry perfume that can give experiences to all customers with various range of high-end fragrances with affordable price.


To have over 10,000 affiliates in online platform and
50 physical store within 5 years.